Frontier Justice

by Broken Jaw Dance Party

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released February 21, 2017

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Benjamin Miller.



all rights reserved


Broken Jaw Dance Party Springfield Township, New Jersey

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Track Name: Horror in the Hall of Madness
Rotting on the killing floor, the decaying spirit asks for more, suffering the wounds begotten, another hole to stick my cock in,

an androgynous myriad, of mutilated flesh and blood,

the carnage festers, but the chaos has just begun....

No, this is not the end. My will will never bend.
Track Name: Grass Fed Chicken
There is a symptom of our exceptional exclusion,
To hear the cry of diffusion, we only panic now.

We suck it down.
With our coffee and protein pills

Flirting with disaster the quickest way to lose a tongue.
I hear it over and over, the same old story, spun and spun.


We suck it down.
With our coffee and protein.
Track Name: The Ebb of Ego
Listen to me, my whole family,
A controlling force corrodes these walls,
Lets repaint the front room shades of red,
I'll put your worries to bed.

Lay your problems on somebody else,
There's nobody hear to hear you, the only voice is your own.

Open the door, a new world to explore,
We'll open your mind, to the world you left behind,
A mourning star without force,
There's nothing left on course,
Bowing on your self-esteem,

Will you be the one to break spell,
In my own state,
Don't you feel great?
My, how you've tried,
To leave your world behind.

Spiritual awareness?
Burying me...
It consumes the fall.

Standing so close now, to the edge of what we knew,
The sickness rises, as the past catches up to you.

Show me your sickness.
Track Name: Oppositional Reliance Disorder
Bleeding from the dominating, penetrating, permeating, authoritarian power.
It spreads thick like dysentery, overgrown.

Wake me, from this never ending coma of disease.
Anaglyptic terror, simply sprinkled with cheese.

You fold your own life against false pretense,
But do you really want the truth?

You want more.

A slave to my imperfection,
In a world that you will now call as your own,
The mutilating power of ideologies fed, destroy.
Mama knew best, as she always told me.
Track Name: In Red We Trust
Tell me where you stand,
On your moral ground,
All liberals will see,
We'll all share your dream,

With your hand on the table,
Feeding the guise,
Hellbound by judgement.

Aching to fight?

Standing so high,
On your pedestal,
"What's wrong with me?"
You're playing the part of the fool
Track Name: Joe the Consumer (Bonus Track)
Damn, god damn, the refrigerators jammed,
GOT SOME, TNT, and I'll unjam that motherfucker.
Burnt down my 5 level apartment, now I got go on QVZ,
Tenements, a carnivorous plot, now I got a consumer STD.

Why do I do the things that I do, I don't know why I do them,
Why do I do the things that I do, what about all you? Why won't you stop me from being stupid?

Disease, disease, now I am diseased.
Started off at Walgart, now I got 20 pairs of jeans.
Bankruptcy, a non deterring factor, I purchase all the things that I see.
Po-Po knocking on my door because your card just defaulted on me.

Why do I do the things that I do, I don't know why I do them,
Why do I do the things that I do, what about all you? Why won't you stop me from being stupid?

Thrown in the back wagon as I'm holding onto How To "Save" A Dragon.
A passenger looks at me and offers me an energy drink and then I say:
"No, but that's alright, I'm not even gonna be sleeping tonight... But that's okay, I don't need it anyway."