Grind Against Oppression

by Broken Jaw Dance Party

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released August 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Broken Jaw Dance Party Springfield Township, New Jersey

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Track Name: Flaming Molotov Enema
drill 20 deep into the face of a nations disgrace.
As the bright burning fema camps are left in a ruins new light.
I dismember your right arm of pain
so you remember who to fight in disdain.

My molotov has a name. My molotov has a name. My molotov has a name.

No longer members
we burn off our serial numbers.
Being young labeled as enemies to your society but it's actually your nazi bureaucracy.
I want to crucify every man of the Klan to their own burning crucifix

and make their busted condoms watch.
Make the system to fear us once again.
Track Name: Under Siege
Self-centered symptom of a selfishness sad society
Firm aspiration of a world with no diplomacy
Set into motion by the notion that the thirst for power and prestige will be quenched by placing freedom under siege

His name - His way
He will betray
The fools he fills with madness and hate

His name - His place
His master race
His will be done up in your face
Track Name: In Red We Trust
Tell me where you stand,
On your moral ground,.
Democrats will see,
We all will share the same dream.

With my hate on the table,
Feeding the guise
Endless is fury
Taking of life

Standing so high on your pedestal
What's wrong with me?
You're playing the part of the fool
Track Name: Disease for the Trees
Democide, what's kept alive?
Truth between human and pestilence?
Give your way to the people for the encouragement of war.

We the people?

Lets not build a wall,
It's just another way to fall.

Your decision or violence?
From the bottom to the top
Television in the middle of this subdivision
Putting hatred on the food chain

Dismember the new trees,
To regulate the disease.